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Deep On-Demand Physician Engagement

Impiricus brings the doctors to you, driving real partnerships and impact through deeper, personalized engagement

The New Normal

For years, face to face physician contact has become increasingly limited and restricted. COVID is accelerating the need for a new solution in non personal engagement.

Impiricus brings your brand into the new normal. We supercharge your ability to help physicians help patients by showcasing your content and addressing the friction physicians face with current industry channels.



Our network provides access to physicians and specialists who are looking to engage brands which can benefit their patients. 

Impiricus lets you access these physicians in a revolutionary new way you physically couldn't before.



Our technology presents your offering to physicians, on demand and with a focus on patient and practice impact. We then create frictionless channels for immediate engagement.

This leads to increased understanding, brand recognition, and utilization of products which truly benefit patients.




Physicians who prefer Impiricus to other digital or face to face interactions with reps


Physicians who wanted further followup or considered new therapies for a patient after a single Impiricus experience

Want to see how we do it?  Contact us to trade impressions for immediate impact.

We're currently working with select brands to expand their reach to physicians. If you want to see how our platform could help you reach the physicians you want as partners, feel free to send us a message. We'll get back to you within a day.


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